Marble Run Generator

Marble Run generator is the game you can create your own tracks. After creating your personal track for the marble to run, you can publish your tracks for other people to test out. People can also bring changes to your tracks. Although there isn’t really a purpose in Marble Run, it’s what you make out of it. There are basic bricks and special bricks you can utilize in your tracks. It doesn’t take much time to create an efficient track but it takes a lot of creativity and time to come up with a track that’s liked by everyone.

How to create a marble run track?

There are different types of bricks to use in tracks. You can pick one of the five basic bricks and seven special bricks that each have a feature. Some of the special bricks take the ball in the direction you choose, some make it bounce, etc. 

Start creating your marble run generator.

Click on the type of brick you want to add to the track and select the square spaces. Click once on the brick you placed to change the direction of it. You can turn every brick 90 degrees and make it go to different directions. 

Marble Run Generator Download

Since Marble Run Generator is a game you can only play online, you can’t download it to play offline. Because the main goal although there isn’t any is to share the tracks you’ve created with others, downloading it doesn’t really make much sense. 

One thing you can download, however, is the tracks you’ve made. Create your track and click on the download button located on the top right corner, right under the ruler. It’s also possible to change the font downloaded and make it to your liking.

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