FNF Monkey Mod

FNF Monkey Mod is the famous Friday Night Funkin Mod that features a chocolate brown monkey with a plastic white shutter glasses. Friday Night Funkin vs. Monkey Mod comes with three brand new songs and a Boyfriend in the jungle. In this article, we are going to dive into the Monkey Mod with the titles of Friday Night Funkin vs. Monkey Mod In A Nutshell and Playing FNF Monkey Mod Online.

Friday Night Funkin vs. Monkey Mod In A Nutshell

Friday Night Funkin is the most popular indie game so far and one of the biggest reason of this popularity is the game being open-sourced. For this, many FNF community member became able to develop mods to Friday Night Funkin and we started to see lots of different character in the Friday Night Funkin Universe.

Developed by Tsuraran, FNF Monkey Mod is one of them. This crazy FNF Mod features a chocolate brown monkey with a plastic white shutter glasses, his gang and girlfriend, our beloved blue haired dwarf Boyfriend and his lovely Girlfriend.

This time the Boyfriend will have to face with a monkey with three unique songs as follows:

  • Chimps
  • Hoo Hah
  • Bonfire Bash

Playing FNF Monkey Mod Online

Even though there are some websites that are makes you able to play FNF Monkey Mod online, most of them are not working on school laptops or thablets. So, if you want to play it without downloading, you have to find unblocked websites that you can play FNF Mods online.

On the other hand, playing Friday Night Funkin vs. Monkey Mod could be more enjoyable. This way also you’ll also support the developer of this FNF Mod. Like every other Friday Night Funkin Mod, Monkey Mod is available to download on GameBanana.

It might be the best option to play the Monkey Mod FNF online for people who don’t have a PC with Windows OS and have a low disk space PC. Otherwise, you can only play it by downloading it. But, if you are not concerned about your disk space and using a Windows-operated PC, you can download and start to play it.

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