Grand Piece Online Codes

After many months of development, Grand Piece Online is finally here. Grand Quest Games, the group of Roblox game makers, are behind GPO are projected to bring more features as well as content to the game. Considering that there are thousands of Roblox players testing out Grand Piece Online, new content is always needed to maintain the number of players and that’s expected to be delivered in the upcoming weeks. 

One thing you could try on Grand Piece Online was to play the game using codes to enhance your equipment and character. The GPO codes increased experience points, enabling players to level up their characters fast and other abilities such as resetting stat points and devil fruit, and race rerolls.

Upcoming codes and content

While it’s debatable whether or not you should play Grand Piece Online with the codes as they enhance your character, it’s definitely a great way to get started on the game, especially after making mistakes on your character. Given that the codes that are out there at the moment won’t actually give you much power – aside from giving you a chance to build your character the right way – it’s expected that the developers are going to activate more codes. 

Although there are a bunch of platforms and websites claiming to have full-blown codes for GPO, they aren’t correct. For the time being, there are only five codes that work. These codes are more for newbie players who messed up their characters. Grand Piece Online codes and how to put them to use are explained below.

Activating GPO codes

  1. Press “M” to open the main menu. 
  2. Click the red button on the right hand side menu.
  3. Type in either one of the following codes and press enter, and voila!

Here are the codes you can activate and what each code does.

255KLIKESSPRESET – Resets stat points

235KLIKESSPRESET – Resets stat points (try if the above doesn’t work)

250k2XRACEREROLL – Race Rerolls

240KLIKESDFRESET – Resets devil fruit

225KLIKESDFRESET – Resets devil fruit (try if the above doesn’t work)

New Grand Piece Online codes release date

Grand Piece Online is a fairly new Roblox game with a dedicated community to make it one of the top games. The new codes along with new content are anticipated to be released in the upcoming weeks. Until then, the codes above are the only ones that work. As soon as new codes are added to the game, we’ll keep you updated.

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