Lollipop Game Zoom

Lollipop Game or known as the Take This Lollipop is an interactive game that’s unique in very ways that can be a major surprise for you. Unlike using traditional controls like a keyboard or mouse, it uses your webcam to interact. Since this kind of setting isn’t suitable for every game without getting boring too quickly, note that it’s a horror game

Although this kind of experience is new in gaming, Lollipop offers a very different experience that’s unlike any other. We highly suggest giving Lollipop a try if you’re on the look for new gaming experiences. 

How to play Lollipop over zoom?

Being an interactive game, Take This Lollipop is a lot more fun when you’re streaming to your friends. It’s recommended that you share your screen rather than using a secondary webcam to show what’s going on in the game to your friends. Because you won’t be able to use a single webcam for multiple purposes, in other words, run it both on Lollipop and Zoom, you will need to share your screen.

Lollipop Pricing

Take This Lollipop is $1.49 per ticket. Upon purchasing, you’ll receive an email containing a unique link that allows you to play the game. Although the term “ticket” may sound like you’ll have access to the game once and won’t be able to play again, it’s far from that. You will have access to the game at any time you want. It’s basically a fancy word to refer to your purchase.

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