My Rusty Submarine Download

My Rusty Submarine is the humble man’s survival game. Developed by my popular indie-makers Jonas Forster and Sebastian Lieb, My Rusty Submarine features multi-tasking in a survival/adventure environment. You’ll take your rather old submarine to the places nobody has ever been before and enjoy completing tasks to further up your progress.

Your objective in My Rusty Submarine is to make sure you don’t lose your progress and fix up leaks and handle other repairs. 

My Rusty Submarine Available Platforms

My Rusty Submarine is an indie game that’s only available on Microsoft Window at the moment. If you want to play it on a different operating system, play the game online rather than downloading it on your device. Start downloading My Rusty Submarine. Those that like the game can also donate to the game makers, which will encourage the developers to add more to the game and carry it to the next level. With everything we have on My Rusty Submarine at the moment, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see it on Steam.

My Rusty Submarine Multiplayer

My Rusty Submarine is a multiplayer game where you can play with a friend on the couch. Although it’s a game you’ll play online through your browser if you’re outside of Windows, a controller is mostly required for multiplayer. The other player will play using a keyboard. Even though this is not that feasible for many players, you can play using the same keyboard with a friend. Instead of using W-A-S-D to move, the other player uses arrow keys to move, J to jump, and I to interact. But, it’s best played with a controller and keyboard. 

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