Left or Right Game Download

Left or Right is a sensational game with a simple and singular purpose that you won’t find any hardships in understanding. What you’ll have in problems with the sheer hardship you’ll have to avoid the red cubes while trying to pass them by and have a pleasant run through.

Left or Right game is a very small one indeed, and don’t expect much from it as you’ll have plenty of disappointments. Standing at only 36 MB for Microsoft Windows, it’s a very light game that pretty much any device can run operating on the necessary operating system. If you’re looking for a macOS or Linux release of the game, we highly suggest turning your head to the other way as it’s not very possible for a game that’s the size as Left or Right game. 

How to play Left or Right?

First off, you’ll need to have a Microsoft Windows device to run the game. If you’re using a computer that’s based on macOS such as MacBook or a Linux based computer, you won’t be able to run the game. Since this is an indie game that’s very small and simple by nature, you can easily run it on a virtual machine that’s installed Microsoft Windows compatibility with the proper drivers.

Other than these, you don’t have other options to play the Left or Right game without Microsoft Windows.

Get Left or Right Game for PC Free

You also don’t have the option to play it on your browser as it isn’t supported. The only possible way to play the game is through downloading the game files to your device and running it. If you’re feeling a bit off due to some of the videogames online having a bad reputation for containing malware or other harmful things that can possibly damage your device, there is no need to stress about it as every game featured on Itch IO has been scanned for any potential threats. 

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