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Like skating and birds? SkateBird is the perfect indie game that’s 3D designed with plenty to do than just skating birds. In SkateBird, you’re a bird that loves skating but you’re all alone. Your mission is to skate all you want while conquering the objectives and helping out other birbs that come your way. While some of the tasks brought by the birds that come your way are going to be quite easy, some are extremely difficult. 

Although it’s not free to play, SkateBird is definitely worth your money for the gameplay it offers. You’re able to do so much to the point that it feels like a Triple-A game with many things to do. 

SkatBird isn’t entirely an open-world game, but since you’re a very tiny bird with a finger skateboard in a house, you can explore the household items in the game and find other birds. As you skate and explore the house, the world you’re in gets bigger, and it opens up more things to do and places to explore.

In the world of SkateBird, you will also find different outfits, mixtapes, and more. Make sure that you’re completing the objectives that come your way whether they’re interesting or not, as it will expand the world you’re in and give you more space to skate.

Where to get SkateBird

You can download and play SkateBird on Steam or Itch.IO. Where you should get the game depends on which client you use the most. SkateBird is currently on both of these platforms. However, it’s $2 cheaper on Steam. You can purchase the game for $18 on Steam at 10 percent off whereas it costs $20 on Steam. 

However, if you prefer playing indie games more and have a larger collection on Itch.IO, it’s worth getting it on the biggest indie game platform in the world.

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