We Become What We Behold Game

We become what we behold surely sounds something wise, but it’s a videogame that can leave you speechless with what you’re left with. 

To summarize We Become What We Behold, it’s a political game about how social media and affects our life. Because we know that our attention spans have gotten so small that it’s uneasy to keep up with a game, the creators made it last about five minutes. It’s a great way to make sure that everyone gets a taste of the game to the full extent.

We Become What We Behold teaches – or at least tries – how sectarianism and the divisive nature of how our social constructs work keep us apart and create chaos. 

Should I play We Become What We Behold

As with any other game that has thousands of reviews and doesn’t take you more than ten minutes to finish from start to end, a solid yes for We Become What We Behold. You should definitely try We Become What We Behold. Be prepared to be both amazed and leaving with so many questions as to why things have happened that way in the game.

How to get We Become What We Behold

You can play We Become What We Behold on Steam or Itch IO. It’s a completely free game you can play on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS. Get to the following links to start playing this indie game which was one of the most liked and played of 2021.

We Become What We Behold on Steam

We Become What We Behold on Itch.IO

To avoid any spoiler alerts, we tried to keep as many things as possible out of the way. The basic purpose of We Become What We Behold is to click on things you find interesting and highlight them on the TV at the center of the world that happens to influence everyone. 

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