A Firm Handshake Download

A Firm Handshake is a small indie game that you can finish in about ten to fifteen minutes in one go. There isn’t really a theme to the game but if you’re looking for a game that you’ll end up saying ‘what did I just play’ A Firm Handshake can provide plenty. It’s doesn’t take much to learn how to play A Firm Handshake as you’ll use the arrow keys to move and that’s it.

How to play A Firm Handshake?

When playing A Firm Handshake, use the arrow keys to move and approach to handshake. There are multiple stages to the A Firm Handshake and there isn’t really a guidance. At the first stages, where you’ll go is indicated by the flowerpots. Go towards them and you’ll get the first stage through after gathering a number of followers with you. You will then need to pass through sumo-like people that you don’t want to handshake and avoid. By passing them through, you will get to the next stage. As the game is very tiny and it ends in under an hour, we won’t give any more spoilers for you to play!

Get A Firm Handshake

The only way to get A Firm Handshake is through Itch IO. Released by Torfi on the indie-game platform, you can get A Firm Handshake without paying for it. It’s a completely free game to play on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Get A Firm Handshake for free and enjoy your time playing.

Take note that the game is very light, standing at only 100 Megabytes but it doesn’t have online playability. So, you’ll have to play the game by downloading the game files. If you’re seeing places to offer A Firm Handshake online, know that these aren’t the right places.A

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