Corruption Mod FNF

Friday Night Funkin’s corruption mod is the one for those who value Halloween as their favorite holiday. In the corruption mod FNF, the Girlfriend and Boyfriend are redesigned to be scary. During the mod, you’ll have plenty of changes in the appearances of both main characters. 

The backstory to the mode is that the Girlfriend is infected with a disease. It’s unlike any disease you would expect – at least in medical terms. She corrupts anyone that gets close to her and eventually the Boyfriend. Throughout the corruption mod, a lot of things change about the main characters, and the game lasts for a good few hours.

Corruption mod no download

You can play Corruption mod no download on your browser. There are plenty of places you can play Corruption mod FNF online without the need for a download. Although it’s one of the strangest and perhaps the fastest game mods that are quite challenging, corruption mod no download can put some strain on your computer. If you have one of the newest generation graphics card or processors, you shouldn’t worry about anything.

Get corruption mod on your browser and start playing it right away. Take note that the transition starts after ‘Winter Horrorland’ and continues to evolve throughout the game. The mod is also under development, so you might come across bugs here and there. 

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