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Deepest Sword is a platform game that’s currently available on Steam for Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS. It’s a rather small game packed with adventure and fun. It’s the game that speedrunners will love as it features many hoops that are repetitive. 

The main purpose of the Deepest Sword is to beat the dragon that’s plunging the world into the fire. Deepest Sword is a small game but has fairly complex logic behind it. Your sword is long, and although it’s a good thing to fight around, it can get in the way of your journey through the steep platform. Your ‘deepest sword’ has the attention of every encounter in the game, where you’ll spend time here and there to progress. 

Get Deepest Sword on PC Free

Even though Deepest Sword is on Steam and it’s a fairly small game, it’s not a part of the Early Access initiative. It’s a complete game that won’t have further updates, probably. With a full size of less than 100 MB, it won’t put much strain on your computer. 

Deepest Sword on Steam

Aside from the size of the game, the best part about Deepest Sword is it’s completely free to download. You can add the game to your library of games for free and start playing right away. Considering the small size of the game and that it won’t put much strain on your computer, it’s a very fun game to play. It doesn’t take much to finish Deepest Sword as you would expect from a game this very small. 

Overall, Deepest Sword is a fun, small game you can expect to beat in about a few hours or even less if you give yourself fully. This is why it’s one of the most preferred games by speedrunners. As you get used to the game and you gain traction, it isn’t that hard to beat the game in under half an hour.

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