Desktop Goose Download

Desktop Goose brings an interactive wallpaper-like assistant to your desktop. It’s an interactive desktop friend that will take your cursor away from you without you having any control of it. 

The Desktop goose will present you with memes and ’cause problems on purpose’ and get mad at you for shutting down the windows he presents. The Desktop Goose is definitely a fun way to turn boring subjects into interactive and funny ones. It’s also a good way to make things interesting. Here is a snap of what to expect from the Desktop Goose. 

Desktop Goose Download

Although it’s not a game, you can treat it as such but also as a friend that’s always there for you regardless of what you open on your device. You will see plenty of goose and bird memes presented by the Desktop Goose. You can shut these memes down, but he will go after your cursor and take it away from you for a brief period. Now, you might say that Desktop Goose must be quite annoying but know that it doesn’t take much to shut it down. You can simply head over to the task manager and shut it there. 

It doesn’t hurt to have a goose on your desktop, and Desktop Goose is there to please you. During his stay, you will see plenty of goose-related memes and occasionally poop on your desktop. 

Desktop Goose works perfectly on macOS and Windows. For the time being, it doesn’t work on Linux. You can download Desktop Goose for Microsoft Windows and macOS and interact with your friendly goose and don’t make him mad. Otherwise, he might poop, and you’ll have to clean it up

Download Desktop Goose

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