FNF Mods on Android

Friday Night Funkin mods on Android devices have been in the talk since the very first day the game came out. While Friday Night Funkin is free to play on Play Store and App Store, beating the original game doesn’t take much time, and if you want more out of your Friday Night Funkin experience, your best option is to play mods, but starting over Friday Night Funkin from scratch.

While it’s easy to play Friday Night Funkin mods on a computer, it’s a little tricky when you want to play it on your Android smartphone. Luckily, you have an Android phone as it’s impossible to play mods on an iPhone as you can’t configure the game files. 

Find the mod you want to play on Android

There are multiple platforms where the Friday Night Funkin mods are shared. You just need to find them. You can visit our Friday Night Funkin pages to go through the most popular mods and find the one that’s the best for your liking. 

See if the mod is compatible with mobile

People that play Friday Night Funkin on their smartphones make up a very small portion of the game’s community. Therefore, not all mods are made suitable for touch screens. It’s important to see if the mod you chose is also made for mobile. You will generally see a statement about the mods being compatible with mobile devices. If there is no statement mentioning mobile phones, know that it’s not available to Android players. 

After finding the mod, you can change the data files with the original Friday Night Funkin and start playing the mod. Keep in mind that some mods have a separate .apk file for where you’ll need to install it to play.

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