Hermit Home Designer

Yamasen-Chan’s Hermit Home Designer or simply referred to as Hermit Home Designer takes you in a position where you help Yamasen-Chan design her room. The game was designed by Ryan Nein which you can play for free.

Yamasen-Chan, the main character you’ll help, has severe social anxiety and you need to design rooms for her own place, and different places the game takes you such as an RV, cave, and the void. The game can have a bad or good ending. In the good endings, she cures her social anxiety and lives happily whereas, in the bad ending, she ends it all.

The purpose of the game is to make sure she doesn’t end it and cures her social anxiety. You start off designing homes for her in her own living space. After her family cuts her allowance and stops paying her rent, you get to a different place and the chain events of moving to different places go from there.

What you need to do is design homes for her according to what she says. The events going after her own living space will determine whether it will end in a good or bad ending.

Hermit Home Designer Download

Hermit Home Designer is a small indie game that’s not available on multiple platforms. In fact, the only place you can download and play the game is on Microsoft Windows – PC. You can download Hermit Home Designer and play. It won’t take much of your disk space either as it’s only 68 MB.

Get Yamasen-Chan’s Hermit Home Designer on Itch IO

Hermit Home Designer Game for Mac

Unfortunately, Hermit Home Designer isn’t available on macOS. But, you can still play it on your MacBook or iMac if you have Windows 10 installed on the device. You can get to running Windows 10 games and tools using a virtual machine (VM).

Hermit Home Designer on Consoles – PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch

Yamasen-Chan’s Hermit Home Designer isn’t available on any console at the time and won’t be on anytime soon as it’s a very small indie game that wouldn’t get the attention needed for a console release. So don’t expect Hermit Home Designer to be on consoles.

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