FNF Secret Level

Friday Night Funkin’s secret level is discovered. If you found beating the game easy, try out the FNF secret level to see if you can make it. Friday Night Funkin is currently the most famous music rhythm game on PC. It’s played by thousands of people across different platforms. While it shouldn’t take you hours and hours of playtime to beat the game, the secret level is something that adds flavor to FNF. Here is how to play secret level.

Play FNF secret level

So how do you get to the FNF secret level? First, launch any song and open up the developer mode, which you can access to by pressing 7 on your keyboard. On the developer mode, click on the songs and change the name of the song to “Monster”. Click the reload JSON button and voila! The FNF Secret Level will pop up. We have to inform you that the secret level is quite challenging, and even after hours of game time, it was challenging for us.   

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