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Friday Night Funkin vs. Spinel or FNF vs. Spinel is a game mod that’s been skyrocketing lately as a large number of players are testing it out. The mod features Spinel from the Steven Universe and Steven. You’re going to battle against Spinel as Steven and prove your worth. It seems like while Steven is trying to understand the secrets with other Crystal Gems, Spinel has turned her back on him, or they’re just having a fun battle. Either way, FNF vs. Spinel is one of the most intriguing game mods you can play at the moment.

We have to warn you that the mod is extremely difficult to beat, especially if you’re just beginning to play Friday Night Funkin. What we suggest is taking your time with easier game mods and then try out vs. Spinel. 

Play FNF vs. Spinel online

Important notes: If the mod doesn’t work, hit reload and remain on the page. This should fix the problem you’re having with running vs. Spinel mod.

You can start playing vs. Spinel mod off of your browser without the need for downloading the game files. It’s important that you shut down other tabs if your RAM is under 4 GB. This way, you’ll be able to play the mod with a smoother interface, as well as with a higher FPS that’s easier for you to hit the right arrows. 

Download FNF vs. Spinel

Even though there is an option to play the FNF vs. Spinel mod online, a lot of players are actively looking for ways to download the game. Whether it’s for a collection of yours to gather all the FNF mods or something else, note that this is a mod exclusively for online play. 

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