Luck be a Landlord Mobile

One of the most anticipated deck builder games of 2021, Luck be a Landlord is currently on Early Access Steam. Luck be a Landlord Mobile is expected to come. The game is a rogue-like game that has some impressive features, making it unique among the games in its genre.

The purpose of the game is simple – pay off your rent while trying to beat capitalism on the way of doing so. You’ll start off by inserting coins so that you pay the rent. To get more coins, you’ll need to use the slot machine powered by AI and make as many coins as possible. This will enable you to pay the rent without much stressing.

How to play Luck be a Landlord on Mobile?

TrampolineTales, the developer company behind the title hasn’t made any announcements for a mobile release as of yet. Although it would be a great fit on mobile phones, Luck be a Landlord on smartphones isn’t a thing for the time being.

Given that there are a lot of major titles that are slowly being added to the mobile market such as God of War and a few other PlayStation exclusive titles, many of the indie game makers are expected to get their fair share of the market. So Luck be a Landlord foreseeing its mobile launch is very much possible. It’s a highly anticipated ordeal and shouldn’t be that hard of a hard task.

As of now though, Luck be a Landlord isn’t found on iPhones and Android. Once news emerges about Luck be a Landlord mobile release date, we’ll keep you updated. In the meantime, learn where you can download Luck be a Landlord.

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