Mr. Krabs Tax Evasion Game

Like Mr. Krabs from SpongeBob SquarePants but hate taxes? Mr. Krabs Tax Evasion game is going to be the perfect match to your liking. 

While there are plenty of games that involve taxes, those are too serious that revolve around more of systematical things, but when Mr. Krabs is involved, you won’t expect the same. Rather than being a game that’s going to hit you with questions and problems that you need to solve to progress, Mr. Krabs Tax Evasion game is a third-person shooter game. The only way to avoid taxes in Mr. Krabs Tax Evasion game is to shoot your way out. 

If you’re not quick to avoid IRS officers, you won’t have a good time. Shoot any IRS tax officer that’s trying to capture you and make sure they don’t take you to jail for tax evasion. Surely, these sound exciting and differently fun but don’t expect much out of the Mr. Krabs Tax Evasion game. You can finish the entire game in less than 10 minutes. 

Although the game is still under development, we know a few things that the full game might feature. It’s expected by the community members that the game will have multiple maps and multiple weapons. 

Despite being a game that can be finished in ten minutes or so, Mr. Krabs Tax Evasion will take about half a gigabyte on your computer. The game currently stands at 550 MB and it’s only available on Microsoft Windows. As soon as the game is fully released, it’s believed to be playable on macOS, but not Linux right away. You might need to wait for a Steam release of the game if you’re running on Linux. In the meantime, you can download Mr. Krabs Tax Evasion game and play online.

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