Pico 8 Games – Fantasy Video Game Console on Your PC

Pico 8 Games are one of the best traditional games that remember us good old days. You can now play them online on your PC without needing a download. You can even make your game using the Pico 8 game engine. In this article, you’ll find Pico 8 Games overview and the best Pico 8 Games that are loved commonly. And you’ll also learn answers to the questions “Can I Sell Pico 8 Games?” and “What can Pico 8 Games run on?”

Pico 8 Games Overview

Pico 8 Games are the name of the video games that are developed by using the Pico-8 game engine, which was developed by Lexaloffle Games. It is basically a virtual machine that allows you to play 1980s 8-bit video games.

If you want to develop your own 8-bit game using the Pico-8 game engine, you need to buy Pico 8 on itch.io for $14,99. The greatest thing is you can make your own NES device by using it. Cause it also runs on Raspberry Pi. Besides Windows PCs and Raspberry Pi, you can use the Pico-8 game engine on macOS and Linux.

Pico 8 Games - Fantasy Video Game Console on Your PC

Can I Sell Pico 8 Games?

Even though there isn’t a marketplace for Pico 8 Games, you can sell them on indie game platforms like itch.io, Newgrounds, GameBanana, and GameJolt. As we mentioned above, you can even make your own DIY gaming device by using it. So, after you buy the game engine, you can earn money by selling your games or gaming device. It could be a great investment if you like DIY stuff.

What Can Pico 8 Games Run On?

The best part of the Pico 8 Games are playable on the browser without needing a download. However, you can only play on the browser. If you want to develop your own game, you should purchase it. The game engine works on every PC that is operated by Windows, macOS, Linux, or Raspberry Pi.

Best Pico 8 Games

Here are the best Pico 8 Games that you should definitely play:

  1. Celeste
  2. Picoracer 2048
  3. MetroCUBEvania
  4. Pico Racer
  5. Xwing vs. TIE Fighter
  6. Little Necromancer
  7. Picoware
  8. Shadows of Dunwich

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