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PicoCAD is a tiny builder, perfect for those that want to make pixellated tiny models. You can get export GIFs that you can share on social media. It’s one of the best designers that are perfect for modeling objects into mini games. 

If you’re planning on creating your own mini games like an indie game but don’t know how to animate, PicoCAD can be utilized as a great tool. You can create 3D models and export them to your desktop for later use. Whether you want to use it in a game or create GIFS that resemble NFTs, PicoCAD is a great tool to overcome the hurdles of visual creations. 

PicoCAD available platforms

PicoCAD is available on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS. It’s very light and, in fact, extremely light at only 5 MB. You won’t even notice it’s on your computer as it takes less space than a full HD photograph. 

As for exporting everything you’ve made, you’ll need to download the separate toolbox. 

Get PicoCAD on PC, Linux, and macOS

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