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Friday Night Funkin is by far the most popular DDR game in 2021. Shortly after its release on Itch.IO, the game gained thousands of dedicated players over different platforms. 

Abbreviated as FNF, Friday Night Funkin became available on multiple platforms in a matter of weeks. You can currently play FNF on PC, macOS, Linux, and mobile. While it’s self-explanatory to get the game on Itch.IO for computers, lots of mobile gamers who want a taste of FNF are having trouble finding it. You can get FNF on App Store and Play Store, respectively. 

FNF Mobile on iPhones

FNF Mobile on Android

One of the best features of FNF mobile is that it won’t take up much space on your storage as it’s light and runs smoothly on even older generation phones like iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S6. You can start playing FNF on your smartphone almost immediately. With over 25,000 reviews on both Play Store and App Store, it comes as no surprise that Friday Night Funkin is reliable on mobile devices. 

FNF Mods on Mobile

As what you’d expect from an indie game, Friday Night Funkin boasts a large number of mods that have different gameplay and fun into it. Unfortunately though, finding FNF mods for mobile is more challenging. You most certainly can play FNF mods mobile as they exist, but they only work for Android devices as you can add files to the game’s files. The popular game modes like the witty mod, hex mode, sky mod, miky mode, and tricky mode FNF are anticipated to be a part of the mobile experience.  

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