Sacrifices Must Be Made Has Been Finally Revealed

Sacrifices Must Be Made is an indie game that can be included in the Card Games genre. Developed by Daniel Mullins, this card game has managed to attract many card game lovers. In this article, you’ll find Sacrifices Must Be Made Review and some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the game.

Sacrifices Must Be Made Review

Sacrifices Must Be Made was developed by an indie game developer Daniel Mullins, who is also the developer of Pony Island. It is the head-to-head card game that the new mechanics are navigating an overworld. This means that more foes will be waiting for you in the game.

Sacrifices is also created for Ludum Dare 43. For those who don’t know the LD43, it is an online event where games are made from scratch in a weekend. Ludum Dare 43 represents the 43rd week of the year.

Sacrifices Must Be Made can be considered as a short game. It offers only 10-15 minutes of playtime. In the story of this game, you find yourself in a dim log cabin in the middle of the forest, and you feel starving. A stranger appears and says he will feed you if you beat him at a card game.


How to play Sacrifices Must Be Made?

We can say that it is pretty easy to play the game. If you have ever played a card game, you’ll understand how the game works. Controls of the game are as follows:

Mouse – Move Cursor and Click
WASD/Arrow Keys – Shift Camera View
SHIFT+R – Reset Level

Where to play Sacrifices Must Be Made?

Sacrifices Must Be Made is an indie card game created for Ludum Dare 43. It was released on October 19, 2021, on and is available to download for free of charge on the official page. It is now available for Windows PCs, macOS, and Linux. We’ll see if it is going to come to the mobile platforms in the following days.

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