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The Wrong Floor is an indie-horror game that’s a first person perspective. The game is a very short one that takes about fifteen to thirty minutes to complete. It’s a horror game that should provide you with plenty of good gameplay. 

Although the total gameplay that’s about thirty minutes at maximum, it will surely be a good game to your indie-game collection. Your objective in the Wrong Floor is to get out of the building and escape to save your life. There are no stairs you can use, and you are bound to take the elevator to the different floors of the building, hence the name of the game, Wrong Floor. 

How to play the Wrong Floor?

Although the Wrong Floor is a relatively small game, you can’t play it online on your browser. You must download the game in order to play and considering that the size of the game is 280 MB, it makes sense why you can’t play the game online through your browser. 

Head over to the downloads of the Wrong Floor and get the game. 

Wrong Floor Available Platforms

Wrong Floor is available on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS. Here is how much disk space is required for each operating system.

  • Microsoft Windows: 283 MB
  • macOS: 282 MB
  • Linux: 290 MB

When playing the Wrong Floor, you can use a gamepad to control the character. Make sure that the gamepad controls are set on the right keys. Check the download page of the Wrong Floor game to see the right control keys. 

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