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Biomutant is a fairly new open-world game with unique features and boasts a gameplay experience you never witnessed before. Biomutant is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It’s unfortunately not available on the next-generation consoles like the PlayStation 5 or Xbox One Series X or S. Though it will be available on these consoles in the near future, the release date hasn’t been announced by the developer company Experiment 101.  

Update: Biomutant is available on Nintendo Switch.

If you liked the Rocket Raccoon from the Marvel universe or have sympathy for raccoons in general, it’s the perfect game for you as you’re playing as one. 

Biomutant Gameplay Wiki

Biomutant features plenty of different animal characters that are mutated. With plenty of things to do, your main mission is to figure out how the new world that’s unfolded is going to end. Every bit of thing you do can alter the end. Being wise with your actions is the most important thing to do in Biomutant. 

During your gameplay, there will be an announcer-like storyteller that’s giving you a third-person feel, as it records your journey and what you do fills that story. As mentioned, you’ll see plenty of different mutated animals, but these animals are divided into tribes where you will either reign with chaos or have a peaceful gathering with them. Again, your actions take the story to a whole another level which would result in different endings. With so many possibilities, Biomutant is likely to feature lots of endings that end the story, not in a similar way.

Biomutant community wiki

Because the developer and publishing company behind the Biomutant didn’t come up with a Wiki of its own to guide players, the community got the strings into their own hands and created plenty of wiki pages. You can find the Biomutant community wiki pages on popular gaming community websites like Fandom and other smaller platforms that are similar to it. There are also plenty of guides on YouTube where you can find out what you’re doing wrong in case you need an extra hand. 

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