Crowfall Beta Access

Crowfall closed beta is still going but the open beta is expected to get its launch soon. You might get a chance to have access to the open beta. ArtCraft, the guys behind the MMORPG title announced that the game will finally go under open beta soon.

You can sign up for the open beta and be one of the very few to experience the game. The closed beta has been around for a little less than a year. The open beta is expected to bring more growth to the game as it will welcome more players and the developers will get a broader range of feedback. To sign up for the open beta, you need to purchase the game, the same as any other pay-to-play title. Since Crowfall is believed to be a direct competition to its predecessor like World of Warcraft. Although this was first thought of as a bold statement, after testing out the closed beta, gotta admit that it surely can be a competition.

As for the price of Crowfall, it has a retail tag of $50. Although it costs quite more than what you’d get from an MMORPG, there are no additional purchases required. The pricing motto for Crowfall is buying once, play forever. One thing to know is that there is also a monthly subscription which is completely optional and whether you purchase it or not, you can keep playing after paying $50. The monthly subscription enhances the Crowfall experience but doesn’t gain an overwhelming advantage over players that don’t subscribe monthly to the game, unlike with some other MMORPG titles. Head over to the official website of Crowfall and get your position in open beta.

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