How to play Idol Manager mods?

Idol Manager is the hottest simulation game that revolves around popstars, gossip magazines, fans, haters, and management behind all of this. If you’re looking for a game to spend some free time on, we highly recommend this game as it has many things that other simulation games like it doesn’t have to offer. 

While there are plenty of games that are alike, Idol Manager excels to a different level. Even some of the simulation games that put you in the shoes of a superstar, Idol Manager make you start from humble beginnings and show your progress over some time. Although the original game is pretty solid and provides its players with lots of fun, it’s a great game to play around a bit and create your personalized mods. 

Since Idol Manager is very new, there aren’t many mods you can test out, but the ones that are already here offer a great deal of excitement. As the game progresses and becomes relevant, the more people will own the game, thus, more people will have the opportunity to create mods and share them with the other community members. It has always been like this, regardless of the game.

To play Idol Manager mods, you’ll need to mess around with the game files. In addition to having some animation skills, you’ll need to reprogram the original game to make a mod. Once you’re done, you’ll keep the files as reprogrammed but make sure to back up the original files in case something goes wrong. It’s always best to make your mod whilst you have a backup of the original game. This can prevent the game being entirely broken if you don’t know what you’re doing. If backing up the original files is too much, you can back up the files that you’re going to make changes to. What this helps you with is it helps saving space on your computer in case you’re working on multiple mods.    

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