Miss Clayda

Why hello there! I'm Miss Clayda and I cover MOBA games with an emphasis on the League of Legends. I provide tips and useful guides on ranking up and breaking down every expansion.

how to play idol manager mods

How to play Idol Manager mods?

Idol Manager is the hottest simulation game that revolves around popstars, gossip magazines, fans, haters, and management behind all of...

Idol Manager Mods

Idol Manager Mods

Idol Manager is becoming a popular game despite its simplicity, and for the size of the game, it has a...

doot deternal download

Doot Deternal Download

Doot Deternal is a fun FPS game that's basically Doom Eternal, but not really. It's an indie game developed by...

Chivalry II Release Date

Chivalry II Release Date

Chivalry 2 is the upcoming first-person slasher from Tripwire Interactive and Deep Silver studios. It's inspired by all of the...

Marvel's Spider-Man PC

Marvel’s Spider-Man PC

Marvel's Spider-Man for Microsoft Windows has been in the heads of PC gamers for a long time. Although the speculations...

genshin impact mobile

Genshin Impact Mobile

Genshin Impact offers a smooth and overall a well-design mobile gameplay. Initially, Genshin Impact may not get your attention as...

Genshin Impact Multiplayer

Genshin Impact Multiplayer

Genshin Impact is an adventure game full of fun where you can play with friends. The multiplayer function of the...

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