How We Know We’re Alive Download

How We Know We’re Alive is a small yet contentful game that takes you on the journey of Sara – an aspiring writer that goes back home in Sweden in an investigation of the tragic death of her estranged friend.

While this sounds like a horror game, it’s more about the narrative rather than any jump scares. You’ll find plenty of mysteries that make you wonder whether or not you’re at the right place, at the right time. 

How We Know We’re Alive is a rich game in both story and animations. Although the game is free, you can get the Deluxe version of the game by paying roughly $3 or more. The Deluxe version of How We Know We’re Alive provides its purchasers with 5 high quality desktop wallpapers and 6 high quality mobile phone backgrounds along with 4 that’s animated. You’ll also get a PDF file containing all the script of the game. The PDF file is a great deal because if you’re aspiring to make your own game but have a trouble with coming up with a proper script, it can be a good guide. 

How to play How We Know We’re Alive

To play How We Know We’re Alive, you’ll need to download the game. For the time being, you cannot play it online through your browser. As the game is only 100 MB big, it won’t take much space on your device. If the developers of the game decide to make it playable online, we’ll keep you updated. In the meantime, download How We Know We’re Alive to play the game.

How We Know We're Alive Download

Get How We Know We’re Alive for Free

Take note that the Deluxe version of the game is three times more than the original size at 300 MB. Due to the size of the wallpapers and animated backgrounds, the How We Know We’re Alive Deluxe sees a steep increase in size. 

How We Know We’re Alive Available Platforms

While many narrative games like this are only available on Microsoft Windows due to how they’re built, you can play How We Know We’re Alive on macOS, Linux, and Microsoft Windows. There is no difference between any of the operating systems, and you can start playing right away without any bugs. From our test results, no bugs were found let alone major bugs and the game ran smoothly across all three platforms.  

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