Slormancer Price

Slormancer is the most liked 2D action game that comes with a fairly low price. It’s currently on Steam Early Access at $14.99. The price depends largely on what part of the world you’re in though. The prices are subject to change, so if you’re living in a country other than the United States, you might see ups and downs in the price depending on how the main currency in your country performs.

Since Slormancer is on Early Access, the full release of the game might increase the price as the game would feature a lot more content. The price of Slormancer is expected to increase to upwards of $20. Considering the games like it has a steeper price, Slormancer will definitely foresee an increase. Having all this said, Slormancer can be thought of an investment as it has the potential to be more than the current $14.99.

Slormancer on consoles price

Slormancer PS4 and Xbox price is pretty much nonexistent as the game isn’t available on any consoles yet. If the early access on Steam doesn’t take too long, we should get to see a release across different consoles including the new-generation PlayStation and Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. If Slormancer were to be released on consoles, we expecte the price to be the same as the PC version, but it might change during the later phases of the game depending on the approach the developers take.

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