Funky Friday Download

Funky Friday is one of the main DDR games at the time of writing on Roblox. If you were to ask us, it’s the best one you can get. Second only to Friday Night Funkin, which was an inspiration to Funky Friday – like the titles aren’t obvious – Funky Friday is one of the few DDR games you can play and have no issues at all.

How to download Funky Friday?

Like any other Roblox game, you can download Funky Friday through the Roblox client or get the link on your browser and launch the download process immediately.

With over a million unique players, Funky Friday is definitely a game that deserves a try. Even if you’re not into the genre of these games, we highly recommend putting in at least an hour of gameplay. A lot can change within an hour, and one thing you know, you’re the part of a community and playing against others in a competitive environment.

Funky Friday is surely not as in-depth as Friday Night Funkin as it doesn’t feature that many mods. Sure enough though, you’ll have enough mods to get by and have great time with your friends. The ability to play with your friends make it such a preferred choice over Friday Night Funkin.

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