Gotham Knights Download

Gotham Knights is an open-world game with characters from the DC universe. The four playable characters offer a wide range of skillsets and availability to play online with friends. Since it’s an open-world game, you will be able to play with other players who want to play multiplayer – the same as other open-world games. 

Gotham Knights is available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. It’s a mystery whether or not the game will be released on Nintendo Switch but it’s highly unlikely as it will boast a huge open world with detailed graphics. It would put a lot of strain on the Nintendo Switch. So don’t expect Gotham Knights to be released on Switch. As for a mobile release though, it’s a similar story. 

How about a free download though? It’s definitely not possible but if Warner Bros. decides to open the game for a closed-beta, some players might get their hands on Gotham Knights for free. Other than that, there is no possible way to get Gotham Knights for free.

Gotham Knights PC Download

Gotham Knights will be distributed by Warner Bros. and Steam. Since the game is currently in the making, the game doesn’t even have a page on Steam yet, but we expect Steam and Warner Bros. to open preorders in the upcoming months.

As soon as the game is released on Steam or Warner Bros. (which we expect the first release to take place on WB Games), we’ll keep you updated.

Gotham Knights Xbox Download

Gotham Knights will be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. The game is scheduled to release in mid-2021 on all platforms. The same as PC, once the game is released, it’ll be available on Xbox Store. Whether or not it will cost differently than PC, it’s unknown but since it’s going to be a triple-A, it’s anticipated that the price range is going to be between $50 and $60. 

Gotham Knights PlayStation Download

Gotham Knights on PS4 and PS5 will possibly feature more bugs than PC and Xbox consoles like many other Triple-A titles. Because Xbox and PC work similarly, it gives the developers plenty of room to look over everything. It’s basically double-checking as they go between the two. Since this is not the case, expect some short-term bugs from Gotham Knights.

After the game is released, it will be available on PlayStation Store and might be on the list of free games in nine to ten months. 

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