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Haven Park is a builder game with a little bit different approach. The game wants you to take care of your grandmother’s park. Your camp is your everything left from your grandma, and you must turn it into heaven, hence the name of the game, Haven Park. 

You have a lot to do and you must do everything very quickly. It’s not just a build and be done with it kind of game. There are a lot of things to interact with as you’ll meet characters that have different kinds of needs and desires about the Haven Park. Take care of their needs and make them love and pursue the Haven Park

The controls of Haven Park are simple. 

Use WASD keys to move around, space to jump, E to interact with characters, buildings, and resources. Open the map by pressing ESC to see your inventory, ongoing quests from campers, and upgrade your skills. 

Haven Park Free

To download Haven Park, you need to purchase the game at a price of $8 or over. Surely, you can pay more for Haven Park to play the game, but only $8 is required. It’s a paid game that you can’t play without paying for the game.

Should I purchase Haven Park?

If you’re looking for a single-player game to kill time in a wholesome way, Haven Park is your best bet at the moment. It’s at a fairly good price as similar games like it cost upwards of $20.

For the time being though, you can’t play Haven Park online with friends. You can only stick to the single-player mod but rather than thinking of this as a bad thing, think of it as a good thing as it will enable you to explore what kind of world you want to create – like Minecraft. As the game progresses and reaches more people, it’s highly likely that Haven Park will see a release in other platforms and feature a multiplayer platform.

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