How to plant seeds in Valheim

How to plant Valheim seeds? Valheim boasts a large open world despite its small file size. The randomly generated worlds can get you plenty of seeds where you can utilize them to make the world of yours better and better. In a previous article, we’ve covered the most popular seeds in the game. You can read our Valheim review to see which seeds you can look out for to get the most out of Valheim experience.

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The seeds are categorized into two different purposes. They can either be used for growing crops or change certain things about the game. In a way, the seeds can be thought of as cheat codes – at least to a certain extent.

How to plan agriculture seeds in Valheim?

To plant seeds in Valheim, you’ll need to use the Cultivator tool. It isn’t possible to plan seeds without Cultivator. You can follow the instructions below to plant seeds in Valheim once you get your hands on a Cultivator.

How to get a Cultivator?

Now that you know you’ll need to craft a Cultivator to plant seeds. To craft a Cultivator, gather x5 Core Wood which you can get by chopping down Pine trees in the Black forest and gather x5 Bronze. After having these, you can craft a Cultivator where you can then plant seeds to grow crops in your world.

Equip the Cultivator from your inventory and create soil by clicking the left mouse button while aimed at grass.
With Cultivator equipped, target the soil and click the right mouse button to open up the seeds menu.
Select the seed you want to plant and voila!

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