Idol Manager Mods

Idol Manager is becoming a popular game despite its simplicity, and for the size of the game, it has a pretty devoted fanbase that’s dedicated to making the title as big as possible. While there are other games like it that offer pretty much the same, Idol Manager has become a hit after the community got more involved in the game. 

Although making your own, personalized mod for Idol Manager is quite challenging, once you pull it off, you can upload the mod and share it with others. What you need to know about running an Idol Manager mod is adding the index.json and thumb.png files to the root files. However, don’t go off finding mods on any platform. Only trust the mods that are shared by the Steam Community. Because there are many platforms that have bad intentions that can cause damage to your device, download Idol Manager mods only from trusted sources.

How to make Idol Manager mods?

Making Idol Manager is tricker than most people would think. Some games don’t require any animation planning or coding; some do. Idol Manager is one of those games that you’ll need to play around with the original game files to create your personalized mods. If you don’t have any experience, you can always look for sources, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, you might end up actually wasting your time rather than coming up with something. We highly suggest looking at sources that show you how to make Idol Manager mods. 

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