Is Spider-Man Available on PC, Xbox, Switch?

The PlayStation exclusive Spider-Man game has been one of the most significant deciding factors in getting a new console for Marvel fans for years now. The game alone made thousands of people choose the Sony-branded console over any other form of gaming device. 

Now that it has been a few years since the game came out, many are still wondering whether or not if it’s available on other platforms. For the time being, Spider-Man isn’t available on any other console than PlayStation. This also includes computers such as PC, Linux, macOS. Anything that’s not a PlayStation won’t run Spider-Man. 

Will there be a Spider-Man game on other devices?

As Marvel’s Spider-Man is bringing a lot of revenue to Sony and PS5 is still relatively a new console supporting the sales, don’t expect the game to be out on other consoles or PC anytime soon. Sony has the full rights to keep the Spider-Man game to PlayStation, and this isn’t likely to change. 

Unfortunately for some, the only way to play Spider-Man is by getting a PlayStation. 

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