Where to get: Avowed

Avowed is an upcoming open-world fantasy RPG game that’s quite similar to another popular open-world fantasy RPG, Skyrim. While Elder Scrolls VI is in the making, Avowed is expected to be a direct competition but what the game features isn’t known to the fullest yet. The only concrete information we have about the game is the statements the developers made and the trailer we’ve got xx months earlier. 

What’s certain about the game is that it will be available exclusively for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. A launch on PC is also probable, but it might not come through right away. The company that upholds the development of the title, Obsidian Entertainment was bought by Microsoft. So it points out that it will also definitely become available on PC at some point in the line.

Avowed Download

You can download Avowed for Xbox and PC on Microsoft Store or Xbox Store. There is also a possibility of the game being distributed on Steam. Given the chances of that is quite low since Microsoft publishes the games developed under its wings are distributed by its own channels, we might find Avowed exclusively on Microsoft Store.

Avowed Price

Since Avowed is a triple-A title with a big budget, it’s almost certain that the game will come with a price tag of between $50 and $60. After the game is initially launched, the early release is likely to feature some bonus things for the people who make a purchase early on. It could be a starter pack or perhaps even physical merchandise such as posters, boxes, physical copies of the game, etc. 

We’ll have to wait for the Avowed release date to find out the perks early purchasers get.

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