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Ynglet, one of the few platformers out there that allows you to break free and explore, is available on multiple platforms waiting for you to grab it and add the game to your collection. 

Before getting into Ynglet, make sure to forget any other platformer you played. You are not bound to a platform that you can’t get out of – so how is this a platformer? Imagine you’re going through the space with what you need to do but with limits. Rather than a 300 pixels of play area, Ynglet offers a much broader and bigger area to play. When you’re playing Ynglet, you’ll have the freedom to opt out of the main task and do some exploring. 

Where to get: Ynglet

Ynglet is available on two platforms – Steam and Itch.IO. If you’re collecting your games on Steam often, that’s going to be the preferred platform to play. However, if you’re an indie-game junkie, Itch.IO is going to be way better, especially considering that the client is updated to proficiency. 

Download Ynglet on Steam

Download Ynglet on Itch.IO

For what it’s worth, the price of Ynglet is considerably cheap. With a price tag of only $4.99, Ynglet provides long hours of gameplay that’s pretty intuitive. 

Should I get Ynglet?

Do you like platformers? Do you like kicky soundtracks in the games you play? If you answered yes, Ynglet is definitely the game for you as it offers a great list of soundtracks that keeps you going. In addition to that, considering the price of the game, it can be called even a steal! It won’t exhaust your wallet nor device as the system requirements are very appealing to even low-specs computers. YNglet is one of the best games you can get out there.

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