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Biomutant features a massive open world with plenty to do. Playing as a raccoon holding different kinds of weapons is enough to know that the game is funky with lots of action. You can craft weapons, take on enemies of different sizes and strengths, and more.

The game is very combat-oriented where the developers are constantly at work for adding more content to the game, so you don’t get bored at all. One of the best parts about Biomutant is that you’ll have the whole world for yourself and you can change the world you’re into your liking. No matter where you head to in Biomutant, you’ll see characters that are seeking your help, presenting you missions packed with excitement and fun, and a world with choices. The decisions you make are going to determine a lot about the direction the game is headed and the ending of the game.

Biomutant available platforms

Biomutant is currently available on the following platforms.

  • PC
  • PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5
  • Xbox One, Xbox One Series S, and Xbox One Series X

Regardless of where you play Biomutant, the game is pretty much the same with PS5 outperforming all the others in terms of graphics. What’s the same in all is the price. As you’d expect from any other Triple-A game, Biomutant costs $60.

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Since the game is very new, a drop in the pricing isn’t expected. However, because it looks like Biomutant hasn’t gained the popularity it anticipated, it might have a 10 percent off in the upcoming days. If that were to happen, we’ll keep you updated. Learn more about Biomutant through its wiki.

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