Valheim Mobile

Valheim is an open-world game that features a randomly generated world when players can roam free and pretty much do anything they desire to. Valheim mobile is a possibility especially considering the huge market it offers and many of the games we already featured on our website having a possible mobile launch. The games like Luck be a Landlord is expected to So it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Valheim mobile coming to reality. At the time of writing though, Valheim is only available on PC. You can download Valheim on Steam

As for the possible mobile release date of Valheim, a statement has yet to come from the developers of the game. The studio behind the title, Iron Gate AB, hasn’t brought any hints on a mobile release of the now popular open-world title that is almost seen as a competition to Skyrim and the upcoming fantasy RPG Avowed

We expect some version of Valheim to be released on mobile platforms across Android and iPhones after the game’s initial Early Access on Steam is done. This can take anywhere between one and two years but given Valheim is a lightweight game yet featuring many things, a mobile release is more than probable. As soon as we have more information about Valheim coming out to the smartphone market, we’ll let you know. In the meantime get the Valheim updates to better your experience. 

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